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Forum for the The Unchosen guild in Age of Conan. We are situated on the Twilight server.
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 The Hyborian Alliance

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PostSubject: The Hyborian Alliance   Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:08 pm

The Hyborian Alliance is a defensive pact between Ministry of Pain, The Unchosen, Shades of Set & Nemedian Mercenaries. If any one of our guilds is attacked, unprovoked by rival guild/s then we all must declare war upon the said guild.

Trade agreements have been made with guild leaders about tradeskill materials so if you have resources of 100 that you want to sell fast inform your guild leader and they will make the trade for you.

Mini games are being created between guilds for friendly competition and to practice mass PvP for future seiges.

If a member from the alliance attacks you unfairly feel free to kill him or revenge kill him, if you die after an inital attack. Report the person to your guild leader/officer if he persists. Guild leaders have their own rules on disciplines for such people.
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The Hyborian Alliance
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